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Dan Sheppard

Jr. Partner

From the time Dan can remember, he always had a baseball in hand. Starting in tee-ball and soon moving into competitive leagues, Dan was a natural athlete and soon expanded his skill set into football, as well as baseball, in high school. After being scouted by the Chicago Cubs Dan made the decision to fist attend college and play D1 baseball for the University of Iowa – Go Hawkeyes! He pursued his Bachelor’s, while excelling at his responsibilities as a student athlete and after graduating, immediately went to pursue his Master’s in Sports Management at Northern Illinois.


Dan started with South Inc Nashville in February of 2015 after being attracted to our company’s culture and performance based advancement. With his competitive nature and no-excuses mentality, Dan received his first promotion 15 short months later and second promotion to Junior Partner in August 2016.


When he’s not at the office or hanging out with his team, Dan can be found re-watching Prison Break (he’s watched it 3 times already!) or catching a movie. A massive cinephile and sports fan, he’s always entertaining us with movie quotes and sports trivia.




Erin Harmon

Executive Assistant

A Mississippi girl, Erin grew up in Jackson and attended The University of Mississippi for Hospitality Management and Business Administration! HOTTY TODDY! Visiting Nashville for the Music City Bowl, Erin absolutely fell in love with the city and moved soon after graduation!


Starting in June 2016 with South Inc Nashville, Erin began too within our Management Training Program, learning client relations and greatly improving her marketing and communications skills. She was quickly offered a position as an Executive Assistant, aiding in the organization of office administration and scheduling!


Being a fur mom and a big sister are the greatest sources of pride for Erin! She’s a huge book worm, big believer in higher education (she’s about to start her Master’s program), and devout antique hunter!



Kassi Davis

Human Resources Manager

Another Hendersonville native, Kassi grew up just outside of Nashville with a passion for soccer, horseback riding and enjoying nature with her 2 brothers and grandparents! A soccer player for 15 years, Kassi learned the values of hard work, dedication and teamwork. It was no wonder after studying at Volstate, she looked for an environment where she could apply her passion for people.


Starting with South Inc Nashville back in January of 2016, Kassi originally applied to be a part of our Management Training Program! Though highly successful in our marketing department, our Executive Team found Kassi’s skill set perfect for our HR/Recruitment team, and she was offered a position spearheading employee on-boarding and satisfaction.


You can find Kassi cheering on the Vols every Saturday, exploring new restaurants in Nashville and picking up the occasional soccer ball here and then. In 3 years she will continue to implement growth for our office and client, helping with the training and development of all HR Managers in our company across the US!

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Alexandra Pierce

Director of HR

Alexandra Pierce is a Nashville native! Well sort of, she’s from Hendersonville, TN! After high school she earned a full ride scholarship to Michigan State University for swimming and diving. She graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor in Psychology and a specialization in Health Promotion and then also from the University of Findlay in 2015 with a Masters of Business Administration. Alexandra uses her competitive nature from her swimming and diving background to drive her towards professional growth and achievements with South Inc Nashville.


Alexandra started working with South Inc Nashville in September of 2014 as an administrative assistant. Within two months Alexandra quickly earned a promotion to level 2 in our Human Resources Department. Early in January she was promoted again to Managing Partner and Head of the Recruiting Department.


Alexandra continues to include swimming in her life and coaches part-time for the Nashville Aquatic Club. Although swimming will always be her first love, Alexandra loves going to the beach to bask in the sun and taking her Golden Retriever mix Daisy to the dog park. Her passion is to help the South Inc Nashville organization grow and open up new locations as client demand rises!

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Kaitlin McGree

Jr. Partner

Kate was born and raised in Norfolk, MA. She graduated from Purdue University in May 2014 with a degree in retail management and a minor in organizational leadership and supervision. Kate is the youngest of three brothers and a sister and has always looked up to them. Kate always wanted to branch out and explore other cities, so she moved to Nashville after graduation. She is a big fan of country music, loves going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and going to the lake in the summer. Her favorite place to be is the beach and wants to own a house on Cape Cod, MA some day. She loves dogs, especially her golden retriever named Dillon back in MA.


Kate started working at South Inc Nashville in May 2014 and got promoted out of entry level into a team lead position very quickly. She then started to cross-train within South Inc Nashville, learning how to properly coach and train other individuals, different office responsibilities, how to run meetings, and how to grow and branch out of her professional comfort zone. After being here for one year, she recently got promoted to Junior Partner. She is learning how to do the human resources side of things, administration in the office, and how to manage a group of 25-30 people. She is now working hard to get promoted to the management position and is excited for what’s to come in the next few months.



Hannah Johnson

Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Stone Mountain, GA, Hannah went to Georgia Southern for Business Management and Marketing. Growing up the youngest of five children, she has always been an ambitious hard worker with a desire to help others. Outside the office, she enjoys hiking, walking her dog, and breathing in that fresh Music City air any way she can.


In January 2012 Hannah began her professional career in Atlanta mastering the in’s and out’s of marketing, sales, and business management. Starting out as a sales representative, Hannah quickly earned assistant management and then management responsibilities within the first 13 months of her career. In the spring of 2013 Hannah moved to Nashville to expand her horizons, working in a new and exciting market, full of culture and surrounded by music. She opened her first office in Nashville soon after the move and has continued to grow a booming marketing office ever since.


Hannah highly values helping others to achieve professional success, through providing the same opportunity she was given when she began her career. With help from one another, greatness can happen for any number of individuals, she believes. Today, she intends to expand this opportunity through a concentrated work ethic and a positive attitude dedicated to her clients and her business partners, present or future.