51 Century Blvd #306 Nashville, TN 37214

Career Opportunities

Management Development Program

Since South Inc first opened, we have had a big vision for the future and a big vision for growth. One of our main priorities at South Inc is to create a brand that people want to encompass as their own. Everyone in our company starts at the entry-level and has the opportunity to quickly grow into an executive management position.

Our employees are not just employees; each person makes up who we are and that is critical for our company to continue to thrive by bringing on like-minded individuals who share similar goals, values, and visions. There is no hierarchy or seniority at South Inc; we are all helping each other move toward common success and prosperity.

South Inc only promotes from within the company. Since the company is thriving and our clients have high demand, we are in need of individuals who want to advance into management. The challenge of having the opportunity to move into management is also that we only hire and promote from within, but it is solely based on performance not on seniority. We thoroughly train our managers in all aspects of business, leadership, coaching, listening, and leading by example. Our managers will be responsible for a team of 20-50 people at a time.


Human Resources

Human Resources is the MOST important part of our company because the MOST important part of our company is our people! Human Resources embodies the team of people who solely focus on making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This position assists in everything from administrative duties, to payroll, to background checks, and new hire onboarding.



We know the value of gaining business, sales, communications, and leadership skills as a student before you ever enter the workforce. We are very open to internships. We have students who gain work-study credits towards their degree while also making money and learning valuable skills. We have some students who work full time throughout the summer, and some who work out a part-time schedule between school and work.