51 Century Blvd #306 Nashville, TN 37214

Marketing & Sales

As companies evolve the way they market their product/services, so do we…with one constant though: we always interact face-to-face.

At South Inc, we’re the ultimate addition to your existing marketing efforts; we’re just better. We’re the missing ingredient; the muscle you’ve been needing to accelerate your brand’s growth. We get results and we mean business about our work.

Here’s how it works:
  • We partner with industry-leading clients. Currently, we have 30 in our portfolio (the best names in wireless, telecom, cable/satellite, and energy) and another 29 in our pipeline.
  • We set aggressive goals to acquire new local customers throughout the Middle Tennessee market.
  • We physically go to small businesses in/around Nashville on our client’s behalf, educating prospective customers on our client’s services and retaining/checking on customer satisfaction for existing customers!
  • We walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk. When it comes to outsourcing, we know our clients have high expectations. We don’t just hit those, we exceed them. Whether it’s weekly or quarterly metrics, it’s a numbers game…and we always win.
  • We prioritize quality customers and representing our client’s name with honesty and integrity. It’s not about the sale, it’s about the creation/preservation of a relationship.