Our Team


Kassi Davis

Director of Human Resources

Kassi Davis was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She has always had a passion for people and is determined to get any job done that is handed to her. She started at our company 3 years ago and has helped our business open up three new offices. Her passion for hard work started at a young age. Kassi spent most of her childhood playing travel soccer. By having most of her time consumed in sports she developed a great attitude towards working hard to meet her goals.


Kassi started out at South Inc as a Recruiter, and she quickly got promoted to our Human Resources Director. She has since helped train and develop multiple successful administrators in our company across the U.S! Kassi is a natural when it comes to helping others exceed financial goals. As of today, she is now focusing more on the financial side of our company. All around, Kassi has been a great addition to the South Inc team!


Hannah Hoffman

Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Stone Mountain, GA, Hannah went to Georgia Southern for Business Management and Marketing. Growing up the youngest of five children, she has always been an ambitious hard worker with a desire to help others. Outside the office, she enjoys hiking, walking her dog, and breathing in that fresh Music City air any way she can.


In January 2012 Hannah began her professional career in Atlanta mastering the in’s and out’s of marketing, sales, and business management. Starting out as a sales representative, Hannah quickly earned assistant management and then management responsibilities within the first 13 months of her career. In the spring of 2013, Hannah moved to Nashville to expand her horizons, working in a new and exciting market, full of culture and surrounded by music. She opened her first office in Nashville soon after the move and has continued to grow a booming marketing office ever since.


Hannah highly values helping others to achieve professional success by providing the same opportunity she was given when she began her career. With help from one another, greatness can happen for any number of individuals, she believes. Today, she intends to expand this opportunity through a concentrated work ethic and a positive attitude dedicated to her clients and her business partners, present or future.


Gabe Langlois

Corporate Trainer

Gabe grew up in the small town of Prairieville, LA, where he ran around with a pellet gun in vast cow pastures shooting whatever he could see. He grew up with an older sister and older brother that he adores and admires. Gabe always played on the same sports teams as his brother, who taught him how to be tough to bigger kids and play up to their standards.


In 2007, Gabe and his family moved to Port Neches, TX for his dad’s new job. He played football and baseball in high school and earned many accolades, such as the Texas Super Gold Team Honor, and he was also picked to play in the Texas vs. Louisiana High School Classic. He was recruited to play football at Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, and LSU. Gabe chose to attend LSU to study geology and play football. Gabe considers this one of the greatest decisions he has ever made due to the fact that the people he had around him pushed him to shoot for perfection and improve each day. These values instilled in him shaped him into the person he is today.


After earning his undergraduate degree, Gabe studied for the LSAT and applied to law school. He was accepted into Southern University and claims that law school has been the hardest thing he has ever done to this day. After studying law for a while, Gabe realized that it was time for a change. He decided to enter the workforce and pursued an opportunity here at South Inc Nashville.


Joshua Armstrong

Corporate Trainer

Joshua is a sporty, outgoing, and friendly individual who has a passion to grow and develop as a professional. He enjoys participating in sporting activities, socializing with peers, and attending live events, such as music concerts. Joshua also enjoys spending time talking with his family and keeping in touch with their lives back at home in Southampton, England.


Joshua graduated from Cumberland University with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and later earned a Master of Business Administration degree. After college, he moved into the field of sales and marketing.


He plans on extending his work visa in the United States to pursue his career and complete the Management Development Program at South Inc Nashville.


Eric Sims

Corporate Trainer

Eric was born in Indianapolis but moved to Nashville when he was 19. He began working with South Inc Nashville in 2012 as a full-time intern while also attending Middle Tennessee State University. After a very successful year at work, he left to pursue his degree full time. Eric returned to South Inc Nashville in 2018; he says, “This was the best job I have ever had, so I had to come back!”


In his free time, Eric rides motorcycles, fly fishes, enjoys cooking, and loves petting dogs. If you have a dog, Eric will pet it.


Keely Chesnut

Human Resources Recruiter

Keely Chesnut was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the city that herself and the company both call home. As a teen, Chesnut was outgoing and highly involved. Alongside her studies, Chesnut held membership in various clubs including HOSA, Beta Club, and Student Council. When she was not busy with study sessions or club meetings, you could find Chesnut competing in horse shows and practicing her sport. “My high school involvement definitely taught me the people skills I use now as a recruiter,” says Chesnut, “it’s all about talking to people and building relationships. I also got the opportunity to network and attend various conventions, which made a huge impact on my career today.”


Keely graduated from high school in 2014 and headed to the University of Tennessee to study Marketing. In addition to being a full-time student and member of the American Marketing Association, Chesnut spent her collegiate years working in the corporate world and gaining experience at a Mortgage company in downtown Knoxville. “It was a great experience, but I worked in a cubicle cold calling people all day,” says Chesnut, “it definitely helped me find what I want and need in a career.” Enter South Inc.