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“9 Awesome Ways to Inspire Others”, Jeff Boss, Entrepreneur.com



The attached article was simply stumbled upon in the South, Inc. office this morning, and we recommend these tips from Jeff Boss wholeheartedly! This business is all about inspiring, motivating and helping others no matter the relationship, whether it be customers, clients, coworkers, or the underprivileged. In Boss’ article, he touched on a few specifics that we felt really hit home and can be applied in many aspects of everyday life.


Boss says firstly, Focus on relationships, because “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. ¬†Support is everything in a team-oriented environment, and here at South we truly care about our coworkers like we need them to function–because we do! Boss also urges us to “let your actions speak for themselves” because telling someone that you’re awesome doesn’t make you awesome automatically. A lot can be determined about a person based on his or her performance through actions, both good or bad, so show awesomeness through doing¬†instead of saying and success will follow!


Envisioning winning or completing something is also stressed as vital to personal success. Boss instructs readers to “identify exactly what you’re going after,” and we couldn’t agree more! In the office we constantly discuss our futures, and it really is fascinating to see the different types of success our team will go after and (without a doubt!) achieve. In addition, Boss talks about “the purpose motive” in a similar fashion–people have to know why they do something and where they are going. We also believe in acting with purpose, because work without a purpose often ends up less satisfactory. So, in short, know what you do and know where to go.


Lastly, active listening is one of several major points Boss discusses in detail. To summarize, he urges those chasing success to listen and “seek to understand” rather than “seeking to be understood”. Being aware of the self and of society around you is also important and emphasized by Boss as he breaks down “EI” or emotional intelligence. By using self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management skills we are able to judge and control any professional situation, or otherwise. At South, EI is everywhere as we interact with clients and customers throughout each work day.


Entrepreneur.com is one of a few professional websites we try to check in on here at South for work tips, fun ideas, and interesting articles. And Jeff Boss’s article contains a ton of useful information to be utilized in any office environment. Stay updated here on our blog for more helpful tips for professional success! “Always take something away that makes you a better you,” Jeff Boss.