51 Century Blvd #306 Nashville, TN 37214

Footballin’ With a Little Help From our Friends


Touch football is totally underrated! Never did we expect to have SO much fun in adulthood reliving some schoolyard competition! Last night the crew went out to Una Park here in Nashville for a Team Night to exercise a little innocent football action against one another, and to begin winding down the week, of course. Surprisingly, the GIRLS showed out totaling 6 completed TD passes, along with some pretty ferocious defensive “touch” tackling! Luckily, everyone seems to be in one piece this morning! Just a few minor bruises and some soreness, totally fine…

Big shoutout to Marcus, one of our most valued Account Reps here at South, for organizing the field and the equipment and whatnot. We had a blast! Let’s rematch soon! 🙂