51 Century Blvd #306 Nashville, TN 37214

New Growth, Reaching Goals!

South, Inc. has really taken off this year!  We have successfully opened up a second location in the Nashville area and are determined to open up three more in 2015!  We appreciate all of the support that we have gotten from our family, friends, and coworkers to keep up the hard work and maintain our sites on our long term goals!  Every month we try to set smaller goals for our employees to attain and work for.  Mini incentives keep the work atmosphere focused and fun! Setting smaller goals along the way has really helped up achieve our successes so far.

South, Inc. just received the news that we are the number one source for our client for the year 2014! Our client was very impressed with us and since we have done such a great job this year, our client has allowed for all employees at South, Inc. to receive  a pay increase  indefinitely of 10%!  Congrats to all of the employees here at South, Inc. and keep up the hard work!Thumbs up