51 Century Blvd #306 Nashville, TN 37214

Lift Off!

And we’re off! South, Inc. has officially moved a team to Baltimore, Maryland to open a new office and continue with the expansion of our company! We will be taking on new clients and a new customer base as well. This office is lead by Kate and her team of sales and marketing professionals.  We are excited to watch this office flourish during the cold winter months in Baltimore!

As for our team here in Nashville, we are continuing to build our clientele and expanding over the Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Clarksville areas.  We have just promoted our new Junior Partner, Justin and will be having a little celebration for all of his accomplishments this Friday.  Justin starting with us in March and progressed quickly and has earned the Junior Partner position with us! We are excited to watch his professional achievements grow!

Last week we sent a team to Raleigh, North Carolina and this week we are sending a team to Indianapolis, Indiana to train along side a successful marketing and sales team. Networking with them on different strategies and helping them in areas of their training that may be missing.  This F all we look forward to more road trips to network and learn!