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Love what you do : Do what you love


Games are seriously underrated. Here at South we believe laughing makes the day roll by so much more smoothly! Almost daily our crew gathers in between meetings to loosen up and brighten the day by way of pure play (neat rhyme!).

While we are always open to new ideas, part of our signature culture here at South is maintained through committed traditions…such as playing our own version of Jeopardy every Friday! Being Good Friday, our weekly game of “jeps” (as we call it) today featured an Easter theme, complete with a special category dedicated to famous bunnies and a full-fledged egg hunt around Cummins Station! Apologies to our neighboring offices if we disturbed the peace 😉


Some of our other favorites include Two-ball (essentially hot potato with two mini soccer balls), Charades, Catch-phrase (caution: can get loud!), 5 Second Rule (like Categories), and a newer favorite we call Bowl Full of Jelly…which is indescribably hilarious. By keeping the office vibe fun and positive, we find our workflow reflects happy and energized employees; nobody wants to sit still all day!

The benefits of playing games around the office really speak for themselves mentally and physically, and we recommend it to all workplaces. More fun = better results! Try some of our creations out at your place of work and watch your office atmosphere transform. You’re welcome 🙂