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Meet This Guy: Andrew Folker, Senior Account Manager


South would like to introduce you to Mr. Andrew Folker, one of our most talented Marketing Reps & now a top Senior Account Manager for our team. Andrew was named Leader of the Week this past week and it’s easy to see why! His expertise has been in acquisition management and cross-training thus far in his young marketing career, but he is actively developing his management and business development skills. With the help of our managers here at South, Inc., Andrew has been leading the pack in working hard and making the big bucks! He is a great example of how a positive attitude and committed work ethic gets you ahead of the game.
We sure are glad to have Andrew on our team here at South, both as a leader for our clients and as an example for the growth we are projected to have within the year! Definitely look out for this guy’s future on the cover of Forbes as a successful, happy Manager in Marketing. Keep up the awesome work, Andrew! 🙂