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Puerto Rico!!

Hannah won a trip to Puerto Rico!!!!  Congratulations to Hannah for winning the trip to Puerto Rico! Hannah was able to achieve the highest quality and quantity of customers for our client during the past three months here at South, Inc.  Quantity is something that any marketing business strives to achieve, but what may be lost in the midst of attaining new customers is the quality of your personal performance.  Hannah was able to maintain quality and strong relationships with a large new customer base as well as with our client. 

This is only a baby step for South, Inc.  We are looking to open up three new offices in the year 2015!  This is an achievable goal if we keep our customer count high as well quality personal performance.  Keeping a positive attitude at work everyday is a great first step to maintaining quality.  If you are not excited about what you do every single day that you come into work then the quality of your performance declines and you begin to lost interest in your career.  Here at South, Inc. we keep the atmosphere of the office constantly focused on our long term goals.  This allows every employee to remember why they are coming to work every day and why we need to keep working hard!  Quality of performance = quantity of customers!